Val’s History in Dog Sports


Val Rutledge, R.N., has been active in the dog sports since 1979.
She first began instructing and competing in AKC obedience and Schutzhund with her German Shepherds. 
Currently, Val instructs exclusively in obedience and agility.


Val began competing in agility with her Corgi "Thumper" 1997 and advanced to Excellent level before being retired.


Soon, Border Collie "Tess" was competing at the Masters level in AKC and USDAA
She was retired 2010


Border Collie "Tide" ADCH, PDCH started competing in 2004.
He was a finalist at USDAA Cynasport Steeplechase and Grand Prix in 2017 and 2019
As a finalist in UKI Open Speedstakes he earned a 3rd Place in 2017
He was retired 2021 to become an agiity cheer leader.


Powder Puff Chinese Crested MACH, PDCH "Decker" (aka the Beijing Border Collie) is currently competing.
So far, he has been a finalist at USDAA Cynasport Grand Prix and Steeplechase in 2017 and 2019 taking 3rd place USDAA Steeplechase in 2019. He was an AKC Masters Agility Champion in 2020 and he is a USDAA performance Dog Champion. Most memorable was his competing as a
finalist at Westminster Agility in 2020.


Currently in agailty training is young Border Collie "TerrA" whose love of water has so far taken her to Masters level in Dock Diving.

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