Tamas Traj Agility Camp

February 29 - March 5, 2020 
Camp Weed, Florida

I am pleased to have Tamas Traj staff a Training Ventures camp dedicated to the continuing education of agility dogs. In addition to Tamas' daily teaching, I will be providing evening conditioning lectures and K-9 massage.

Camp will have two segments:
  • 2 days for young dogs (Saturday & Sunday)
  • 3 days for Masters/International dogs (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)

Repeat participants are offered early registration prior to open registration for others.
(Open registration begins August 1st. Those who are wait-listed will be accepted first.)

This combined five day experience will be limited to 10 dogs in each segment !

Check-In is after 2:00 pm Friday for the two day segment with Check-out after 5:00 pm on Sunday.
For the 3 day segment, Check-in is around 4:00 pm on Sunday and Check-Out is after 5:00 pm Wednesday.
(Participants in all 5 days do not check-in a second time.)
Over-nite stays are possible after each segment - please pre-arrange with Valerie.


Valerie Rutledge - Administrator
2541 N. Horseback Ave
Pine Ridge, FL 34465

Zelle - direct deposits
(my email adress)




Tamas is an international judge, exhibitor and instructor from Budapest Hungary.

Tamas Traj

I got to know agility in 2001, visiting a training session with my first dog, Bizsu, a miniature poodle. I am very grateful for her, to get to know this wonderful sport, that later became a part of my life, brought extraordinary experiences and a lot of friends. My second dog Witch, a border collie, entered my life in 2007. Experience with a large dog resulted in a completely different world, full of new challenges. I reached National Champion titles and was member of the Hungarian Team numerous times, both at the EO and the World Championships. Recently, a new adventure has begun with Riu, my new border collie.

Apart from running with my dogs, I’m related to agility in many other ways. I was the trainer of the Agility Team in Győr between 2007-2012, the Teamleader between 2009-2012 and I was also a member of the Hungarian Agility Committee between 2010-2012. I currently hold training sessions at numerous clubs in Budapest, for beginners up to master levels.

I became an international agility judge in 2012. As an international judge, my main aim is to build technical and speedy courses that challenge the handlers as well as the dogs, and that are really exciting to watch for spectators. I am always happy to see brilliant technical solutions and really energetic runs on my courses.

Put a little "international" flare in your agility team with Tamas.


Valerie Rutledge 

Valerie Rutledge, R.N., has been active in the dog sports since 1979. She began with German Shepherds - instructing and competing in AKC obedience and Schutzhund. Currently, Val instructs exclusively in obedience and agility. Previously, Val competed in agility with Corgi "Thumper" and with Border Collie "Tess" at excellent and masters levels. Border Collie "Tide" ADCH /PDCH was a steeplechase finalist at USDAA Cynosport in 2015, was GP finalist 2017 and continues to do well. Beijing Border Collie (aka Powder Puff Chinese Crested) "Decker" PDCH is also doing well. Young  Border Collie "Terra" is progressing nicely.

Val has participated in and administered over 15 years of camps and seminars.

Val is a certified Canine Therapeutic Massage Therapist (level 1 and 2). She has been a speaker on the topic of Canine Massage at seminars and camps in Canada, the United States, & Puerto Rico. As a canine massage therapist, Val has accompanied AKC World Agility Team members to Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Czech, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Sweden keeping team dogs ready for competition at the highest level.

The Venue


Camp Weed

The Camp will be held at Camp Weed and the Cerveny Conference Center in Live Oak located in the gentle hills of north Florida.

Camp Weed is a beautiful facility on over 500 acres, a perfect training area! Camp Weed features good food and comfortable lodging in a lovely setting. 

Lecture and meeting rooms are fully equipped for presentations.
The agility field is large, level and convenient to the facilities of the RV area.

All rooms are heated and maid service is daily. This is a retreat facility - there are no phones or TV's in the rooms. Camp Weed is a natural setting for success.

Previous campers proclaim it a major part of the experience.

Google map to Camp Weed

The map to the left will allow you to create directions to the Camp using Google Maps.
Just click the directions icon.

Tuition & Fees  ( the $10 daily facility fee is included) 

  • Tuition: $400  (2 days - young dogs)

  • Tuition: $590  (3 days - Masters dogs)

  • Tuition: $980  (all 5 days) 

  • Observer - Auditor: $80 (per day) - contact Valerie

  • Working Auditor: 1 position open - contact Valerie (must pay own meals & lodging)

Lodging Options (includes taxes)

  • Double: $47 each (per day)

  • Single: $94 (per day)

  • RV site: $29  (per day) (water, power; one dump on site)

Meals: Over the years, the most commonly selected meal packages have been the "all meals" and "lunch & dinner only" packages - these seem to work well for most folks.

2 day Meal Packages (includes taxes)

  • All Meals: $77  (arrival dinner thru departure lunch)

  • Lunch & Dinner only: $58

  • Breakfast & Dinner only: $51 

  • Dinners only: $32 

3 day Meal Packages (includes taxes)

  • All Meals: $116  (arrival dinner thru departure lunch)

  • Lunch & Dinner only: $87

  • Breakfast & Dinner only: $77

  • Dinners only: $48 

5 day Meal Packages (includes taxes)

  • All Meals: $193  (arrival dinner thru departure lunch)

  • Lunch & Dinner only: $145

  • Breakfast & Dinner only: $128

  • Dinners only: $80


Complete the appropriate Registration Form (link below)

To cofirm & hold your spot, send a $200 non-refunable deposit
Check via mail or direct deposit via Zelle (my email address)
($207 via PayPal)

Total payment is due by Dec 5th, 2019 


All costs (Tuition & fees, meals & lodging)
Checks payable to: "Training Ventures"
Mail to:
Training Ventures
2541 N Horseback Ave
Pine Ridge, FL 34465
Use Credit cards, etc. via PayPal (higher costs)
Most use PayPal only for the deposit