Massage & Laser Therapy for Animals

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Ready to WIN

You may find me working
dog shows
- there is nothing like
a well tuned team
to win those ribbons -

I may be helping a dog
to better health
in the massage room
or in a choice location
during an in-home visit.

Pet or Performance,
big or small -
all can benefit from

For long term performance,
really pays off.

Laser treatment
Big and small

Canine Fitness Programs

As a FitPaws Master Trainier, Valerie offers personalized canine fitness programs to get and keep your dog in top condition.
She also offers custom seminars for groups and general scheduled seminars.

Using a collection of training/conditioning tools and techniques, your dog will be elevated to his/her peak performance and you will be taught how to maintain that performance level.

Whether you simply want a fit companion or want a working dog with strength, balance and endurance, these specialized programs and seminars are for you.