Training Ventures is happy to be a local source for Syn-Flex.

This product is a liquid formula of glucosamine, shark cartilage and other ingredients designed for joint and cartilage protection and growth. It is extremely effective in helping arthritic conditions. For details about the product and testimonials of users please refer to this Syn-Flex for pets link.
8 fl. oz. represents a 32 day supply for large dogs and more for smaller animals. For about 75¢ a day you can provide help to your arthritic pet (or yourself) without the side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs. To see the benefits, to try this product for at least a month.
As a very personal testimony, our 14 year old German Shepherd with a total hip replacement showed marked improvement in mobility, was more active and appeared to be more comfortable after being on Syn-Flex. Our agility Border Collie is on Syn-Flex to help her remain healthy while actively competing.


For local pickup in the our area, Training Ventures can save you a wait and some money. We do not, however, accept credit cards.
We sell the 8 fl. oz. bottle for $26.95
Call (352) 257-4805 (or) Email 

If you need shipping outside our area or wish to pay by credit card, please order on-line from one of these links:
Syn-Flex for pets
or Syn-Flex for athletes.
Go to the "Order Now" button at the bottom of the linked page.

The product is exactly the same for humans and pets. It is packaged in the same convenient dosing bottle pictured to the left. A simple squeeze of the bottle and you have a pre-measured dose.

Syn-Flex also works wonders for humans. Val, who has had several knee surgeries, finds that Syn-Flex lets her prolong activities which would previously have been curtailed. Whether its training dogs or playing tennis, Val's knees appreciate Syn-Flex. For more information about Syn-Flex in humans please visit Syn-Flex for athletes.

See up-to-date articles and news at this Synflex Resource Site.

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