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For those of you looking for economical sturdy training equipment, the source is here. Training Ventures is offering training jumps and contact pieces. The equipment is made to be durable and economical.


Winged Jump
Jump Stand
cup detail
cup detail

Jumps are simple and functional. They are made with a stable "T" style base. The "T" style can be further stabilized by adding a ground level bar to fit over the inward ends of the base. Our new jumps are made using Jump Cup Strips (Clip & Go) for durability and more varied bar heights. We still stock individual cups for our older jumps or you can upgrade those jumps using new "strips" (call to discuss.)

PVC lattice wings can be added to the bases to create a more competion-like course.

Simple Jumps are currently (1/2014) priced at $50 per set. A set consists of two stanchions and a cross bar. Wings add $20 per set. (Winged Jumps total price is $70.) Please call or email for updated pricing as material costs are increasing. Packing & Shipping is usually less then $20 within the US. (Exact costs depend upon destination.)


Contact Training Equipment



The "Plankie" is a 4' light weight transportable board which will help you reinforce contacts in any new environment.

The "Plankie" price is $45. This includes total paint with a sanded paint top surface.

"Wobble Boards"
Platform & Stairs Wobble 2 Stair Training
Wobble underside

Wobble Boards are great for introducing the young dog to movement and sound similar to what will be experienced on the Teeter. Balance, coordination and self confidence are also developed. Available in both small (20" x 20") and large (30" x 30").

"Wobble Boards" are priced -small: $45 and large: $50. This includes total paint with a sanded paint top surface.

Other equipment can be custom made as desired - call to discuss.

Purchases are prepaid by check/cash only. (Sorry, no credit cards except via PayPal) Please allow 2 weeks for production and delivery. Name, address and phone number will be required for shipping.

Call for discussion and ordering (352) 257-4805 or e-mail

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