Therapeutic Massage for Animals

Val Rutledge

Holistic Touch Therapist - Certified Level I & II
Certified Veterinary Chiropractioner - CVCP

Benefits of Massage

            Massage Can Promote:

              • Relaxation
              • Stress Reduction
              • Enhanced Range of Motion
              • Relief of Muscle Spasms
              • Speedy Recover
              • A Healthy Coat

Massage Therapy is not intended as a substitute for veterinary care.

In conjunction with veterinary care, massage can enhance injury & surgery rehabilitation.

What is Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic Massage is the manipulation of soft tissues of the body to achieve specific goals. Deep massage loosens tense muscles and stretches ligaments. Lighter touch therapy increases circulation to the skin and underlying muscles. Enhanced circulation relaxes healthy tissues and encourages a healthy tone.

Examples of specific massage goals are

  • release of cramped muscles or knots
  • cleaner and faster runs for the performance dog
  • increase range of motion for the geriatric or arthritic dog
  • promotion of a mental and physical attitude that is calm and relaxed

A massage book and a DVD are available for further enrichment.


Val has been involved in obedience, agility, and schutzhund dog sports for many years.

She has brought her physiology and anatomy background as a registered nurse to bear on the study of therapeutic massage for animals. Val has completed both Level I and Level II training and certification by Dr Sue Furman of Colorado State University. Val's massage is based on Swedish techniques with emphasis on the canine athlete.

Most recently, Val completed her certification as a Veterinary Chiropractioner with the International Association of Veterinary Chiropractioners and will be working with local veterinarians in this new capacity.

Val's unique sensitivity to animal's needs allows her to maximize the benefits that her skilled hands provide.

Ask her clients and they will tell you of agility runs shortened after her touch, of older dogs with improved mobility and comfort and of stressed dogs with a calmer outlook.



We met in Hattiesburg, MS in the summer. You massaged my sheltie and she earned 2 or 3 QQs that weekend which was more than she had earned in 4 months. You showed me some warm up massages for her problem (both tendons in the rear hocks were repaired) and I faithfully followed them. She continued to QQ quite regularly and finished her MACH at the end of November.
I simply wanted to thank you for showing me how to loosen up those tight areas to prevent injuries. It also helped her bar knocking problem which is related to the fusing and tightness of her hocks.  From Hattiesburg to November, she earned 12 QQ's which is more than she usually earns in a year due to knocked bars. 

Linda . . .
Murfreesboro, TN     

Bogey Bogey & SL Val,
You'll be pleased to know that Bogey was really feeling well on Saturday when he ran his first Standard run. He needed 11 points for his MACH and he got 13!! He went on to earn 5 points in Jumpers for a Double Q. He was so proud and was I. Thanks so much for the work you did with him; he surely is a new dog. ... You may certainly use my note and photo. He looked like he was so glad to be running again and not hurting!
Susan L


DOGS, bring your bones to Valerie and feel like a pup again.

Massaging an agility toy

Tune-up - run fast - run clean



You may find me working dog shows - there is nothing like a well tuned team to win those ribbons.


I may be helping a dog to better health in the massage room or in a choice location during an in-home visit.


Massaging a working dog

Oh, what a massage


For therapeutic massage, Val works in conjunction with:

Dr Trish Kallenbach, DVM
The Healing Place (352) 795-0250
(on Rt 44 ) in Crystal River, FL


Dr Leigh McBride, DVM
Sumter County Animal Hospital (352) 748-5454
in Wildwood, FL

For an appointment call one of the above (or)

Call or e-mail Val     (352) 257-4805     

Val is also happy to be a local resource for "Syn-Flex"
a liquid glucosamine product for joint health in pets and humans.
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