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Are you a dog owner who loves your pet but is sometimes frustrated by a seeming lack of control over your dog?

Well, I can help you create a working bond between your canine friend and you. Dogs have had a working relationship with people since the first partnering millennia ago.

Believe it or not, dogs appear happier and are calmer when they are fulfilling their part of the relationship. However, they need to have that role defined for them. Left to their own devices, they will invent their own jobs and that can end in destructive behavior.

I personally find the sport of canine agility to be a wonderful "job" for the dog who needs something to do. Motivational agility training will strengthen the happy relationship you currently have with your animal by focusing your pet's desire to please you.

In the Citrus County area, I have both small group and private training programs available.

For the young dog, obedience training is made more stimulating by adding some beginning agility training to the mix. Sits and stays and comes are much more exciting when they are part of a circuit with jumps and tunnels and A-frames.

Here are my programs descriptions. I also have books and DVDs available to broaden your perspective.

Once you and your dog get hooked on the sport, I offer FUN for both of you through my progressive training in AGILITY. For the competing canine I offer support through CANINE MASSAGE THERAPY.

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Training Ventures is pleased to have been the administrative support for several agility, obedience and Schutzhund dog training camps. These camps were staffed by recognized experts in their respective sports and were always a worthwhile experience for participants. Our current administrative support has narrowed to agility camps but is on going...

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