My name is "Tess"
its all about me.

A little about myself - who else would you expect me to discuss?
First of all, I am the Queen. Ever since I was very young, I realized that I was the most important animal on the planet.

With that extablished, I will share some of my realm with you.
I am an agility dog so much of my life has to do with training and getting in shape.

I have this owner (Valerie) that I am trying desperately to work with. She can be pretty stubborn and sometimes just doesn't get the big picture - if you get my drift.
I mean come on, if you don't make me look good, what good are you.

You see I have a LOT of energy and I am VERY smart.

"Top Gun" ? Heck, I make Tom Cruise look like some subsonic rookie when it comes to flying.

When I get her going, she does pretty good and we make a great team.

The thing I really love
is the weave poles.
I get down, get going
and have a "blast"

See ya!

Tess Weaving
photo by Tien Tran Photography -13 Apr 2007

As "Skyes Wee Tess" (my profesional name)
my accomplishments are:

- AKC -


Herding Instinct (HT) Starters Standard Agility
NA - Novice Agility Standard Starters Gamblers
NAJ - Novice Agility Jumpers Starters Relay
OA - Open Agility Agility Dog
OAJ - Open Agility Jumpers Advanced Relay
AX- Agility Excellent Advanced Standard Agility
AXJ - Agility Excellent Jumpers Advanced Gamblers
Agility Fast Novice Advanced Snooker
Agility Fast Open Advanced Agility Dog
Agility Fast Excellent Dog Agility Masters
  Qualifier: 2006, 2007, 2008
  Tournament Masters - Bronze
  Gamblers Masters
  Standard Agility Masters
  Relay Masters
  Relay Champion
Canine Good Citizen
Herding Instinct

Tess 2002 - 2017

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