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The Motivational Method * of dog training is an approach for people who like their dogs; who have them first and foremost as pets and companions.
At the heart of the Motivational Method is the conviction that POSITIVE reinforcement is the most effective teaching tool. By rewarding correct response, the dog is motivated to learn and training is made pleasant for both the owner/handler and dog. Dogs actually enjoy their training, they remain "friends" who are eager to please. Training is easier, more fun and produces a more reliable dog. People will be impressed with the wonderful rapport you have with your dog.

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The Progression

In Level 1 Beginner Program you will acquire the keys to the Motivational Method. The program covers the basic control exercises and the foundation for all further training from Novice to Utility levels.

Level 2, 3, 4, Novice, Open and Utility Programs answer the needs for further development.

The sport of Agility offers a continuing opportunity to have fun with your dog.


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Valerie Rutledge, the founder of Training Ventures, trained for years with the originators of the Motivational Method and was a top instructor for their instructor training camps. Valerie has been actively training and showing in dog sports for over 30 years. Valerie has the skills and people attitudes that make her a pleasure to share dog training with. Her program schedules are designed to meet the needs of participants and special individual help sessions are easily arranged if necessary.
Books and DVDs can be used to support training.
Participants love Valerie; they continue on with advanced levels of obedience training and agility - and their dogs remain excited to see Valerie.

* The Motivational Method was developed by Jack & Wendy Volhard in 1970.

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