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This dog does now the meaning of boredom. Happy, healthy and active.

The sport of canine agility is a great energy release for both dogs and owners. The sport has been around for many years and is extremely popular. Any dog is eligable to participate. Border collies seem born to the challenge. Even my little Welsh Corgi "Thumper" had a great time on the course and placed well earning titles. I currently have a border collie and a chinese crested in training. The sport's motto is "Run fast - Run clean - Have FUN." For any dog, agility provides both mental stimulation and physical fitness. If your dog is looking for something exciting to do (other than those things you wish he didn't do) agility is just the ticket.

Watch a short [video] of an agility run.

Get a jump start with an agility book or DVD .

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When you get really involved in agility, we can get you set up with your own practice equipment
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Retired Agility Canines    

"Thumper" loved his agility time
"Tess" and I had a real blast !

Tess & Val
"Tess" & Val

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