Comments from past participants:
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(2014 Feb - Mah/Sermon Camp)

Thank you again for putting on such a great agility seminar & working camp! It exceeded my expectations! Jo, Stuart, You and Camp Weed were wonderful and will definitely spread the word.


(2014 Jan - Massage Seminar)

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the message seminar.
I really was not aware of how beneficial a good massage is to our furry friends until,as you predicted, I saw the glow in Nikon's eyes and today he was moving as lovely as any good breed dog! It made me feel proud, that thanks to your clear instruction in technique, I was able to 'massage him into' that ability to move more freely.
Invaluable was the scale! I have to concentrate very hard to keep my hands as light as the scale revealed was the right amount of pressure.
I found the seminar a revelation of sorts because not only did it show me things about my dog but surprisingly it opened up self awareness as well. Three hours well spent.


(2011 Dec - Pinder/Recter Camp)

Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed last week-end’s camp. Both instructors were terrific—very patient and they had a great eye to see exactly what happened when we messed up. It was intimidating at times as the courses were challenging, but I was pleased when we finally had success in the difficult parts of the courses. I would definitely take another seminar with Jen and/or Theresa.

The food was great as usual and over-all the experience was wonderful and helpful. You do a great job running the camps! Thanks!


(2011 March - Mah/Sermon Camp)

What a great camp!! You did a wonderful job! Stuart and Jo were right on!
When can I sign up for next year? ...
Thanks, Judy Martin

Sheila wrote:
"Hey Val-Thanks for another GREAT Mah/Sermon camp! You do such a great job of keeping everyone happy and Jo and Stuart are wonderful instructors whose "stuff" is applicable to one and all!"

(2010 August - Massage Seminar)

The seminar was great!!! Val is amazing, and I really got a lot out of it. ...


I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and I left with a boatload of information. Val is very knowledgeable and she has a professional manner but is very approachable. I liked the way she demonstrated where the muscles were on her own body while she was talking about them. It made it so much easier to take in what she was talking about without being distracted by wondering “which muscle is that??”.

I also liked that the handout had blank spaces for notes and were one sided so you could write extra notes on the blank side of the previous page. This handout will be going on the shelf with my most accessed dog books as a handy reference. I think the technique day and the video day is a good format. After the first day you get to go home and digest what you have learned. On the second day you see how what you have learned can specifically help your dog. WOW, the slo-mo video brings a whole lot of stuff to light. ...


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(2009 - Mah/Sermon)

We had a great time at Camp Weed. The facilities were great - much nicer than I had really expected for a camp location, the food was excellent, and the instructors - Stuart and Jo - were the best!
We learned so many new handling techniques and exercises that will be beneficial in our agility trials, once we practice and perfect them at home. We hope to be able to improve our skills and enhance our dogs' performances even more in the coming months.
Hope to see you again next year.


The seminar was wonderful. Many reminders of things I should have done and new ways to try and get it done. Both Stuart and Jo are great with both the dogs and the handlers. I love their no frills approach to training and educating the handler.


It was a great camp. Lots of valuable information and the instructors broke things down to make each participant successful while keeping them challenged.


Both instructors did a wonderful job in helping everyone manage the challenges they presented. Truly an advanced level camp sharing the wisdom of world class instructors.


I very much enjoyed the camp. It was an intense four days of agility activity that gave me lots of ideas to take home. I especially liked the impromptu weave pole break out session and the table breakout. Jo's focus on handling the grass was hugely helpful, and her perspective on training opened my eyes to a number of crutches I've grown dependent upon. Stuart's sessions were wonderful, I like to run and experiment, and loved his drills where he told you what course you were running while you were doing an opening sequence. I also got a lot out of his obstacle vs. handler focus drills and was surprised by the things I learned. The cabins were great accommodations and Camp Weed is a beautiful place to spend a week. I was sad it was over on Friday morning. ...


Absolutely enjoyed the camp. Really enjoyed the morning warm ups for both the dogs and ourselves. The food was incredible, the grounds are beautiful, the cabins were very comfortable a really nice group of people running the camp as well as participating. Which made it that much more enjoyable. All that AND I learned new ways of running agility. ( which I did manage to apply at a USDAA trial on the way home from camp and came home with 3 first place Q's and a 3rd place Q)The lectures were very informative and a great way to end a busy day. Poppet and I will be there next year! (mental management :) )


Hi Val, This was a great 4 days with Jo and Stuart. Not only did Burst and I learn as a team, we took many notes to share with our Dog On It Instructors and our private students. The motivation factor from each of these instructors was extremely high. I felt like we learned some great techniques and that our confidence together as a team will surely continue to be reinforced with these methods and exercises. It was also great to hear from Kathy and Gryph and learn from their experience as well. Thanks for all you hard work! Even all the beardies could not intimidate us!


I had a fabulous time! I truly didn't want to leave. I had no idea it was going to be as intense and as time-consuming as it was, but it made me feel like I got my money's worth. The food was fabulous! The cabins were nice. The setting was beautiful. ...


Sign me up for next year. The holistic approach taken in this seminar was incredibly powerful. Each instructor had a simple, consistent concept for the week and a series of seemingly simple exercises that brought home the importance of that concept. The evening lectures by Jo, Stuart and Kathy Leggett each had light bulb moments for me. Add in guided (dog) massages from Val and you have the complete package. There is so much work to be done, but my enthusiasm is higher because I have a broader understanding of what is important and how to get there from here. Thanks to all.


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(2009 - Jones/Bates)

Weed is a beautiful venue, food was fabulous and plentiful. Carrie and Claudia were very knowledgeable and entertaining presenters, Mitch / Sherlock and I had a wonderful time. Val you host a great seminar thank you for all the hard work you do !


The whole thing was great - the cabins were nice with only three people since we all had extra dogs. the food was excellent and Carrie and Claudia were wonderful. The location is beautiful and I enjoyed just being there. The size of our seminar was also very good. I would love to return next year for these two ladies again. Thanks.


I loved the camp! Format was the best of all camps I have attended. Sequences were set out (long enough and with sufficient variety to not just be a drill), then participants walked. With our "method" in mind, instructors then asked for questions and input on other ways of running each sequence. After each participant ran(and almost inevitably messed-up), practice and suggestions were carried out. Patient, good-natured instructors gave easy-to-understand suggestions and comments equally to all participants.


I loved this camp...was one of my all time favorites! ...the breakout sessions were really invaluable and I hope we'll have breakouts again next year..........Carrie and Claudia's observations, comments and advice, and knowledge of Linda's handling system were just what I needed...


This was one of the best seminars I have ever participated in - and I've done many of them over the years!I will definitely plan to attend next year's!


Claudia and Carrie know how to communicate and explain different handling techniques. I got a lot out of it. Went to a trial the next weekend and double Q'd twice. That has never happened. Of course the grounds and accommodations were rustic but comfortable and the food was outstanding.



What an amazing weekend! Dace and I were able to bond at a much higher level after learning your massage techniques. The most helpful session was individual videos of Dace running a course. Your review and targeted areas to watch will keep him running strong as he begins his agility career in the spring. Thank you so very much for being so kind and clear with your teaching. The individual massage sessions for Dace and Grace made them melt like butter the rest of the day. They obviously feel fantastic!!

Allison - (Massage Seminar, Nova Scotia)

An excellent camp experience...extremely positive from the beautiful setting, to the camp administrator to the excellent instruction by Karen!!


This was my first agility camp so I didn't know what to expect but was very pleased at the end of the week. Karen was so nice and helpful to everyone. I learned alot and watch my tapes to remind me what to work on. The food was great, the staff friendly, and what can I say about the room! . . . I don't know what you could do to improve on it. Just keep up the good work. Thanks for a wonderful, fun 4 days.


Cash & I enjoyed the camp and liked how the dogs (& Handlers) were able to progress over the weekend. I appreciated the tips from both Jen and Theresa on how to better handle my dog over different sequences.They both have a keen eye and are able to speak to me at a level I am able to understand...I had a few light bulb moments.
thanks again.


Breeze and I thoroughly enjoyed camp. Definitely worth the trip down from Canada! The facility grounds are spectacular....Jen and Theresa remain among the most talented of Instructors. Their knowledge and patience brings the best out of each dog/handler team....Breeze left with a renewed confidence and lots to work on. I will remember the laughs, and the warmth of new friends. I look forward to repeating this camp experience!


This was a terrific camp. We learned things that were not only benificial to my young dog, but could also be applied to my more experienced dog.
Jen and Teresa had very interesting sequences set up that tested a specific skill and good sugtgestions for training that skill if my dog didn't have it.
And, of course, Camp Weed is a great place to do agility. There are lots of open spaces and paths to walk on. The staff is very friendly and I feel my dogs are very safe


Loved the camp! Jen and Theresa were amazing instructors. Bullitt and I have tons to work on now!


Ella and I had a fabulous time. We learned so much, our heads were bursting. I came away with a whole new toolbox to work with. I had arrived feeling like I was stuck and didn't know what to do to fix some of our problems. Both Jen and Theresa had relevant and clear solutions and exercises to work on. Count me in again!

A well organized and well run camp. Thanks Val for setting it up and carrying it out. I enjoyed meeting new people and hopefully made some lasting contacts.


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It was a pleasure to meet you and be able to participate in the camp with Jen and so many nice participants. We had a GREAT time, learned much, have much to practice and made some wonderful new friends.

Thank you for making our first Camp Weed such a special and rewarding experience!

The natural serene beauty of the site was inspiring and the panoramic view from the dining hall was breathtaking. The food was delicious and the wait staff members were delightfully pleasant and accommodating. The casual mealtimes were something to really look forward to as we were able to compare notes on what we learned as well as learn more about each other.

The amazing chapel was a true emotional experience that moved the heart and the soul.

Overall, Camp Weed was a truly memorable experience for me.


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I would like to thank you for a wonderful weekend. The food was spectacular, the accommodations comfortable and the company outstanding. . . . Both Theresa and Kathy are phenonomenal. Please thank Kathy and Theresa for their time and knowledge. I learned so much it was hard to absorb everything. . . . I am already looking forward to next years seminar.


Just wanted to let you know what an AWESOME time I had at camp. Was by far the BEST camp I've attended at Camp Weed!!! I have a wonderful, complete list of things I will be working on ... Kathey and Thersea really did a great job of giving feedback on specific areas to improve. . . .

Looking forward to 2006!


As usual, it was a great time at Camp Weed. You seem to outdo yourself each time and I feel like I learned so much. It was great working with Theresa and Kathy, and I'm looking forward to putting all to good use . . . .

Hope to see you at some trials, and definitely next year.


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I wanted to thank you again for all your hard work in making this seminar such a success for all who attended. I will always remember this time as one of the best experiences of my life. This seminar was our first and I am sure nothing else we do will surpass it. Nothing prepared me for the entire package. When we signed up, I was excited about attending a seminar with Pati and Stuart. They are the best. Fancy and I came away with excellent training in agility, a sense of fun and excitement about our future. Pati has a gift that is incredible to experience first hand. I would give anything to spend time with her and my dog and Pati's insight into what the dog is telling her.
Camp Weed was such a special place. As I said, I was not prepared for the "package". The food was extraordinary, everyone on staff felt like a personal friend who cared about my wishes, the chapel at sunset, and the wonderful weather that God provided for us.

When something works so smoothly, and everyone has such a good time, I can only guess how hard you must have worked to prepare the event. This must be your gift. ...


Thank you for all your hard work. Please let Tracy know how much we all appreciate the hard work you both put into these camps. I don't have Tracy's email, if you could pass this on that would be great. I am excited to start working on all of the things that I learned for both Nimble and the puppy.
The focas groups were a great addition. I wish I had the energy to attend the lectures. The new pup was wearing me out. I am looking forward to next year. I may try to come down to the Theresa Rector seminar as well.

Thanks again,


I just wanted to thank you for putting on a great camp. Reykja and I had a wonderful time, learned a lot.

Please thank the staff at camp Weed and put us on your list for next year.

Karen & Reykja

I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts in "hostessing" Camp a couple of weeks ago. I thought it all went very smoothly and Murphy and I had a blast. The setting was perfect (OK a bit chilly, but better than too hot), the food was fantastic, the sessions were superb and the overall experience will be very memorable. I hope to be able to attend again nextyear if you decide to do it all over again....



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